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The most common e-mail issue is the inability to send e-mails and MTA or relay issues. This is caused by not having your email account set-up properly. To fix the way your e-mail account(s) are set-up please read the following information and instructions.

SMTP Authentication
SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is used for the transmission of e-mail on the Internet. Previously, the only method for validating whether a user should be allowed to send e-mail was to check the IP address of the computer connecting, or check e-mail headers for certain names or domains. This is increasingly causing a problem with virus and spam propagation. The SMTP protocol has now been extended to support username and password authentication, just like POP or IMAP has used all along.

SMTP Authentication requires an email client that supports SMTP Authentication protocols. Fortunately, it is now becoming a common and necessary feature and most major e-mail clients like Eudora, Outlook Express, Netscape 6, Microsoft Outlook and Pegasus support it. If your version doesn't support it, a link to the LATEST FREE versions of these programs is available under configuration information for that product.

The following sections describe how to configure popular mail clients for SMTP authentication. If you use a mailer different from these, look for options similar to those shown here and call our support if more assistance is needed.

Set-up Instrucstions
Netscape 7 Mail  |  Eudor Mail  |   Outlook & Outlook Express  |  Pegasus Mail  |  MAC Outlook Express

Configuring Netscape 7 Mail
1. Open Netscape, pull down the Window menu.
2. Select Mail & Newsgroups.
3. Select edit.
4. Select Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings.
5. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP). Verify your mail server is set to mail.spiretech.com, that "Use name and password" is checked, and that your username appears in box. Also make sure that "Use secure connection (SSL)" is set to "Never". Now click on the "Advanced" button.
6. Just keep clicking OK on all the dialogue boxes until you're finished.

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Configuring Eudora Mail
1.To turn on SMTP authentication on a Windows workstation, open Eudora, pull down the Tools menu and select "Options..." to display the Options window.
2. In the Options window, select the "Getting Started" category on the left-hand side.
3. To turn on SMTP authentication on a Macintosh, open Eudora, pull down the Special menu and select "Settings..." to display the Settings window. In the Settings window, select the "Hosts" category on the left-hand side.
4. For both Macintosh and Windows, type the appropriate server name in the "SMTP Server" box.
5. Select the "Allow authentication" checkbox and click "OK".

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Configuring Microsoft Outlook (& Outlook Express)

1. Start Outlook 2000 or Outlook Express. From the menu, select Tools, then Accounts.
2. Click once on the appropriate account from the Mail tab.
3. Select Properties.
4. From the account properties dialog box, choose the Servers tab.
5. Put a check in the box for "My server requires authentication". Click on the Settings button.
6. The following dialog box should pop up.
7. Make sure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected.
8. Press "OK"
9. Back at the "Properties" and click "Apply", then "OK".
10. Click "OK" as needed to close out of all dialog boxes.

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Configuring Pegasus Mail
1. Select Tools at the top and select Internet Options from the list.
2. In the window that appears, select the Sending (SMTP) tab. Make sure your smtp server is set to mail.yourdomain.com. (make sure you put your own domain here. i.e. mail.onlinesales.net)
3. Place a check in the Authentication section next to "Login with username:" (enter username)
4. Enter your password in the password box.
4. Click OK at the bottom.
5. Close Pegasus and restart the program.

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MAC Outlook Express Setup
1. Launch your Outlook Express mail program.
2. Go to the "Tools" menu - select "Accounts".
3. Click on the account you wish to change - select "Edit".
4. Check if the "Sending Mail" area at bottom lists "mail.spiretech.com" as shown below.
5. Click on the box titled "Click here for advanced sending options" at the bottom of panel.
6. Check the "SMTP server requires authentication" box.
7. Click the box at the top left corner of that panel to close.
8. Click "OK" to save changes.
9. Repeat process for other accounts listed.
10. Try to send an e-mail message to yourself. Use the same password as when you login to get mail.

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